The Summit County Cares program has ended.
Please contact 2-1-1 for Housing and Utility Assistance.
Contact OhioMeansJobs at 330.633.1050 for
employment assistance.


Landlords are encouraged to inform their tenants about the Summit County Cares program and are welcome to assist tenants in applying. You are also welcome to invite your tenants to call 2-1-1 for help applying.


Summit County Cares will again work with many partner organizations to process requests for assistance. You may be contacted by a case manager from any of the partner organizations listed at the bottom of the site. Your prompt response will help us process payments for eligible expenses. Please review the information below about the process.


The following documents will be requested by Summit County Cares:

  • Current lease
  • Ledger detailing balances owed by tenant
  • W-9 for the property owner. W-9 with instructions
  • Verification of property ownership and rental registration through the Summit County Fiscal Office
  • Letter of Intent related to months to be paid signed by landlord and tenant
  • Payment Request form


Summit County Cares must follow all program guidelines issued by program funders and documents required may vary by funding source. The maximum amount of assistance available through this program is 15 months of assistance and it can not cover any charges prior to April 2020. However, 15 months of assistance is not guaranteed. Assistance will be determined on a case-by-case basis and based on available funding.


Registering your property as a rental unit:


All rental units in Summit County must be registered as a rental unit with the Summit County Fiscal Office. This includes rental units that are owned by a family member.


Rental registration with the Summit County Fiscal Office is a one-time registration. There is no yearly registration process. There is no fee to register with the Summit County Fiscal Office. Units that are not registered as rentals are penalized $100 each year on your property taxes until the unit is registered.


Property Taxes:


Property taxes on the rental unit requesting assistance must be current on property taxes or on a verifiable Payment Plan.


For more information on the rental registration process:


To access the online rental registration form:


This link is the online registration form for exempt rentals. An exempt rental includes but not limited to: relatives live at the property.





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